Questions at job interview: what questions to ask?

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A job interview is an opportunity for both parties to introduce themselves to each other and ask each other questions. One of the things that is demonstrated is interest. In most cases, it is a big mistake to tell a potential employer that you have no questions for them. Maybe you feel uncomfortable asking questions or everything is clear to you from the job description, but you can often give the impression of disinterest and lack of motivation for this job. Below are examples of good questions you can ask your employer. You can check the job offers of potential employers at Štoradiš.hr.

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Questions at job interview: what will my typical day look like in this workplace?

With this question, you show that you have a good understanding of the job requirements and that you want to visualize what your possible work for the employer would look like. The employer will be happy to answer these questions, especially if it is not a new job. If the employer is unwilling to answer this question, and it is not about a new job, this may be a sign that it may not be the employer for you.

Questions at job interview: do you work in a team and how many employees does your company have?

Handshake during a job interviewThis question also shows that you want to visualize your typical work experience at your new job. In addition, it shows that you want to know if you are working in collaboration with other colleagues. This information is useful to have in order to know whether you will be able to find your way in the organizational climate of the company to which you are applying. However, be careful not to give the impression with this question that you don’t really like working with others, because there are very few jobs today where you work completely alone.

Questions at job interview: what opportunities does your company have for advancement?

Employers love workers who are motivated and ambitious, and by asking this question you will definitely show that you want to grow and develop your role. However, this question is not always appropriate and often depends on the size of the company. There is no point in trying to advance in a company that has few employees or is not growing. The employer may conclude that you are not a good potential employee because of this question because you will look for another job while working for him and go to work elsewhere.

Questions at job interview: does your company have any education programs for employees?

Another question you can use to show that you are truly interested in personal growth and development is to ask about employee education programs. Even if the potential employer doesn’t have any in-house training plan, you’ve let the other person know that you’re interested in improving your existing skills and learning new ones, which is a valuable employee trait. In addition, the answer to this question can tell you how long-term this potential job is aligned with your career plans.

What plans and projects does your company have for the next five years?

Job interviewThis is a very good question to show that you are interested in the company’s growth and activities. Most employers will say something about their current plans, even if confidentiality agreements restrict them. This is a great way to find out if you can further your career with this company. If the employer can’t answer anything about the plans or just states that he wants to continue operating as he is currently, you can tell from this how financially stable he is and how reliable he is as a long-term employer. However, this is certainly the question that HR specialists like to hear the most during job interviews.

What are the next steps in the employee selection process?

It may seem obvious, but both employers and candidates often forget to inform each other how long to wait for feedback. It’s good to know if you can expect feedback in a few days or a few weeks, and it’s nice to know if there will be additional rounds of selection so you can potentially prepare for them.

Job interview: which of the above questions should be asked?

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This list of questions is advisory and does not mean that you have to ask a potential employer all of these questions. It is not a checklist. Many selection processes don’t leave much time for candidate questions, so keep that in mind. Excessive asking of questions following a template can also appear “artificial” or insincere. During the conversation, evaluate your interlocutor and decide which information is most important to you and which things you have not been able to touch on in the conversation. You can find a list of prospective employers at Štoradiš.hr.

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