Non-working days in Croatia 2024.

Neradni dani u 2024

Non-working days in 2024 are a topic that many employees are already thinking about. In the Republic of Croatia, 14 non-working public holidays are prescribed by law. In 2024 79% of them will fall on working days.


If you are thinking about non-working days, think also about a better job!

List of non-working days in 2024

  • January 1 (Monday) – New Year’s Day
  • January 6 (Saturday) – Epiphany
  • March 31 (Sunday) – Easter
  • April 1 (Monday) – Easter Monday
  • May 1 (Wednesday) – Labor Day
  • May 30 (Thursday) – Corpus Christi
  • May 30 (Thursday) – Statehood Day
  • June 22 (Saturday) – Anti-Fascist Resistance Day
  • August 5 (Monday) – Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
  • August 15 (Thursday) – Assumption Day
  • November 1 (Friday) – All Saints’ Day
  • November 18 (Monday) – Remembrance Day
  • December 25 (Wednesday) – Christmas
  • December 26 (Thursday) – Saint Stephen’s Day


Connecting non-working days in 2024

Of course, some of these holidays must fall on a certain day of the week, such as Easter Monday, which, as its name implies, falls on a Monday. Interestingly, this time Easter Monday is the first of April, that is April Fools’ Day.


Most people are probably much more interested in whether certain holidays fall at the beginning or end of the week, which makes it possible to connect holidays into an extended weekend. The first such day is already the New Year’s Day, which falls on a Monday. Unfortunately, Epiphany falls on a Saturday in January, but many workers probably use the days off to connect holidays into a winter break.


The next holiday that does not fall on a specific day of the week is Labor Day at the beginning of May, which in 2024 falls on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, in 2024, two non-working days, Statehood Day and Corpus Christi, fall on the same day (May 30), but since it is a Thursday, by using the day off on Friday, many will create a four-day weekend. It is also possible that many employers will declare Friday, May 31, a day of collective vacation.


As for summer non-working days, the Anti-Fascist Resistance Day in June (22nd) falls on a Saturday. However, Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (August 5) falls on a Monday and Assumption (August 15) falls on a Thursday, which with the use of a day off on Friday can give many people another four-day weekend.


There is good news for many workers in November, as All Saints’ Day (1 November) falls on a Friday and Remembrance Day (18 November) falls on a Monday, which will allow for two three-day weekends.


At the end of next year, the Christmas and St. Stephen’s Day (December 25 and 26) will fall on Wednesday and Thursday, so many will likely take a day off on Friday, December 27.


In conclusion about non-working days in 2024, it can be concluded that workers will lose opportunities for 3 non-working days because they fall on a weekend or the same date as another non-working day, however, 4 non-working days fall at the beginning or end of the week, enabling organic extended weekends. and it is possible to use one free day to create three more extended weekends. That is why it is best to save three free days for connecting non-working days in 2024.


It is early to think about non-working days in 2024, but it is never too early to look for a new job!

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