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Welcome to Lugera Talent Solutions, Zagreb, Ulica fra Grge Tuškana 37, OIB: 31110908306, MBS: 080492874, agency ID no. 6/04 from 21.06.2004. and license number: 178/20 from February 17, 2020. and Lugera Outsourcing d.o.o. for services, Zagreb, Ulica fra Grge Tuškana 37, OIB: 07018964853, MBS: 080639348. As you would expect from us, we collect and process your personal data in order to properly provide services.

We welcome visitors and users of the Lugera Outsourcing domain https://www.storadis.hr, which is associated with the domain of our business partner The Jobber Partnership B.V., Prinsesselaan 6, 1942 AH Beverwijk, Netherlands, VAT no.: NL851631976B01, Company reg. no.: 55267556, storadis.staa.agency.hr through which a portal for finding a job with the new matching technology STAA – Sales & Talent Acquisition Application is available. The registered user of the website storadis.hr is Lugera Outsourcing d.o.o.

Job seekers – candidate

As a user of services from our website, you are a job seeker – a natural person who has expressed an interest in finding employment or another form of work and/or participating in employment mediation procedures.

Adecco services

Registering in the register on the storadis.hr website allows you to have your interest in performing certain jobs with your resume published and delivered to job or job offerors (advertisers).

We consider maintaining your registration to be in your continued interest in finding work regardless of what work you are currently doing or whether you have found new work through any form of our mediation or other means. As long as you are a registered user on the storadis.hr website, we can contact you to offer jobs and jobs that match your title and occupations listed in your resume. We will do this according to our professional judgment and in accordance with the current business conditions.

Employment mediation includes the professional selection of job seekers whose professional and other work skills best match the needs of the client of the mediation. Lugera carries out search, pre-selection and selection procedures for potential candidates and other procedures in accordance with the contract with the mediation client. Mediation ends: upon expiration or termination of the agreed cooperation of Lugera with the mediation client, withdrawal of the mediation client or the job seeker from the mediation, or if the job seeker enters into an employment contract or performs another form of business cooperation with any person or performs a form of self-employment or own business activity.

Candidate search procedure

In the process of searching for candidates, different methods can be applied that take into account the requirements and conditions of a specific job, the necessary knowledge, skills, experience and abilities of the person being mediated and their personal conditions, and different means of searching for available potential candidates are applied (mailing lists, web databases, direct access, targeted advertising and others). Professional selection may also include referring job seekers to an examination of their psychophysical abilities, aptitudes and health status.

Impartiality in the relationship between the job seeker and the client or advertiser

Lugera acts impartially in relation to jobseekers and clients of mediation. or the advertiser The client of the mediation or the advertiser independently decides on the selection of the candidate with whom he intends to conclude an employment contract or other form of cooperation and whether he will conclude such a contract or not.

Participation in proceedings

By participating in Lugera’s procedures, the job seeker does not acquire the right to employment or an advantage over other job seekers.

Lugera does not participate in the conclusion of employment contracts or other forms of business cooperation between candidates and clients of mediation or advertisers.

Lugera does not assume any obligations towards the job seeker in the event that the client of mediation or the advertiser withdraws from the procedure.

Lugera will use its best efforts to find recruiters or advertisers for you, but does not guarantee that they will be found.

Advertisements published by advertisers on the storadis.hr website are of an informative nature and the individual advertiser is fully responsible for their content and validity. Lugera is not responsible for any part of the advertiser’s advertisement.

If Lugera finds an advertiser with a job or jobs for you, it has no obligation to notify you. Notification of possible interest in your offer can be sent directly by the advertiser, but is usually not obliged to do so. For full details of the advertised employment or job, please contact the advertiser directly.

Billing for services and expenses

Lugera charges for its services from the mediation client. Lugera does not charge for its services from the job seeker, nor can it receive a reward from the job seeker.

The job seeker bears his own costs of participating in Lugera procedures, such as: travel expenses, attendance at interviews and interviews, possible loss of daily wages and others. Equally, the job seeker bears his own costs of using the services on the storadis.hr website and communicating with advertisers.

Collection, recording, processing and delivery of personal data

During the procedures, Lugera collects personal and other data based on its privacy rules, which are publicly available on storadis.hr websites.

We emphasize that the job seeker exercises his rights regarding the processing of personal data via e-mail: osobnipodaci@lugera.hr.

Lugera can provide documentation on mediation only to the client of the mediation, and to the job seeker in the part that relates to him.

Withholding personal data, providing incorrect personal data or suppressing personal data may have the effect of preventing access to certain benefits for the job seeker or opportunities provided for and related to the requested data.

The job seeker is solely responsible for the truthfulness and correctness of his personal and other data that he has provided in his CV or made available through the services of the storadis.hr website.

Communication with job seekers

Lugera communicates with job seekers by mail, electronically and through available means of telecommunications.

Lugera informs about the procedure those job seekers who have been selected as candidates by the mediation client after the procedures. Lugera does not inform jobseekers about the processing of jobseeker offers by advertisers. Please see the terms of participation in the procedures set out above in these Website Terms of Use.

10 February 2023