Understand your qualities: A guide to self-exploration

Discover your qualities

Understand your qualities, strengths, and attributes because it is a fundamental step toward personal growth and career success. Identifying and recognizing your positive traits enables you to leverage them effectively in various aspects of your life. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to explore and discover your qualities.


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1. Self-reflect and analyze

Begin the process of discovering your qualities by engaging in self-reflection. Set aside some quiet time to think about your past experiences, achievements, and interactions. Consider situations where you felt accomplished, satisfied, or received positive feedback. Reflect on the skills and attributes you utilized in those instances. 

 2. Seek feedback from others

Ask for feedback from trusted friends, family members, or colleagues. Others often perceive qualities in us that we might overlook. Inquire about what they consider to be your strengths and what they appreciate about you. Their input can provide valuable insights into your positive qualities. 

 3. Complete personality assessments to understand your qualities

There are various personality assessments available, such as StrengthsFinder, or the Big Five Personality Traits. These assessments can offer structured insights into your personality, preferences, and strengths, helping you understand your qualities more objectively. 

 4. Keep a journal to understand your qualities

Maintain a journal to document your daily experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Regularly reviewing your journal entries can reveal patterns in your behavior, reactions, and decision-making. It can help you identify recurring qualities and understand how they influence your actions. 

 5. Consider your skills and talents

Reflect on the skills and talents that come naturally to you. These could be anything from excellent communication and organizational skills to creativity or problem-solving abilities. Your skills and talents are often a reflection of your inherent qualities. 

6. Think about your values and beliefs to understand your qualities

Consider your values and beliefs as they are closely tied to your qualities. What principles do you hold dear? What beliefs guide your actions? Aligning your values with your behavior can give you a clear indication of your qualities. 

7. Take note of compliments and criticisms

Pay attention to compliments and criticisms you receive. Compliments often highlight your strengths and positive qualities, while criticisms, if constructive, can point out areas for improvement. Both can provide valuable insights into how others perceive you. 

8. Recall childhood aspirations and understand your qualities

Recall what you wanted to be or do when you were a child. Childhood dreams often shed light on your inherent qualities and passions. Analyze these aspirations and see how they relate to your current qualities and goals. 

9. Explore new activities to understand your qualities

Engage in new activities or hobbies. Stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to discover qualities you didn’t know you had. It might be perseverance, adaptability, or leadership skills that become evident in the process. 

 10. Embrace growth and change

Lastly, understand that qualities can evolve over time. Embrace personal growth, life experiences, and learning opportunities. Be open to change and continuously work on enhancing and refining your qualities. 

11. Understand your qualities and find a job

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The skills will be automatically generated from your history of work experience, but you can edit and review them yourself by clicking on the edit button on the additional information button. For an example of this look at the screenshot below:

STAA hard and soft skills

hard skills


Discovering your own qualities is important for personal development and achieving success in life. Self-study through reflection, feedback from others, personality tests, and other methods help in a deeper understanding of one’s own strengths and abilities. Continue to explore and develop your positive traits because they are key to achieving your goals and building a successful life.

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