Cover letter: how to write it?

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When applying for a job, a cover letter is usually attached to the CV. While a resume describes your career, a cover letter describes you as the best candidate for the job. A good motivational letter will present you as a good candidate for the position you are applying for and will also show the employer why you are interested in the desired position.

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Cover letter: research the employer

Before writing a cover letter, carefully study not only the vacancy, but also try to find out as much as possible about the employer. Search its pages for information on company values, company history, and employee culture. You will later need the information you find in your cover letter to connect it with your qualities or to highlight it as a factor that attracts you to that job. Check the job offers at Štoradiš.hr.


Cover letter: appropriate length

As with writing a CV, you should avoid writing overly long cover letters. The motivation must be sharp and clearly written. It is usually recommended that a cover letter be no longer than one page to a page and a half. This is long enough to relate your qualities to the job requirements, and it won’t take too much time for the employer to read.


Cover letter: the usual form

The question that bothers many is how to format a motivational letter. It should begin by writing the title of the job you are applying for and the name and address of the company to which you are applying with the word “Dear” or “Dear.” Remember that the first step is to greet the person listed as the contact for the job opening or the company itself.


In the first part of the motivation letter, you describe yourself in a few words and state how you are applying for the desired position. This is followed by a description of you and your qualifications.


I am the person from the vacancy

The next part of the motivation letter is to connect your qualities with those listed in the vacancy as necessary for the position, such as teamwork or communication skills. To highlight your organizational skills, describe the events you helped to organize and to describe your communication skills, then mention your successful work with customers. In the same way, you can describe other required qualities and connect them with your specific experiences.


Try to separate the successes achieved from each relevant work experience and connect them to your own role. For example, you were part of an interdepartmental team that managed to achieve a 15% increase in sales revenue.

I am the best candidate

What follows next is a short and clear argumentation as to why you are the ideal person for this position. This part of the cover letter is usually the most important, so think carefully when writing it. The best approach for this is to link your best-developed skills, knowledge, and achievements with the required job activities.


For example, you can write that you have more than five years of experience in managing relations with clients and therefore meet the requirement of at least three years of experience working with clients. In this way, try to describe from a few to a maximum of five knowledge and skills. Also mention your interests, especially if they match the position or the company’s values.


Why I want to work for you

The motivation letter is named after the motivation, so you have to argue it. State briefly why you want to work for the employer. Mention things like you want to work for an international team or in a dynamic environment. You’ll earn extra points here if you mention details you learned from studying the employer, such as that you’re attracted to working for a fast-growing company. These sentences come near the end and will leave the strongest impression on the reader.


How to write a cover letter: conclusion

Finally, there is the formal conclusion of the motivational letter. At the end of the motivation letter, you can add a few words about yourself and your motivation that you have not mentioned elsewhere. Thank them for taking the time to consider your resume application and express your desire to meet in person in the next round of selection.


Do not forget to state the date and place of application at the end of the motivation letter. And of course, read your cover letter three times before sending it.


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