Cover letter: what should be avoided while writing it?

cover letter and a good job

A cover letter can easily be written with unwanted mistakes. Here is an overview of the most common mistakes made during writing a cover letter.

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Cover letter is written in the wrong tone

A common mistake when writing a cover letter is to write it in a too-friendly, informal tone. This original approach can help you stand out among others, but it can also lead the employer to think that you do not know how to communicate professionally. For the same reasons, try to avoid using colloquial phrases. Being witty can help you with an employer, but you never know who will read your resume, so it’s always better to be professional. You can be witty at a job interview.

Cover letter should not retell your CV

Another common mistake when writing a cover letter is retelling every item in the resume, which is the main reason why cover letters are too long. The employer will have already read your resume, so don’t repeat all the information. In the motivational letter, highlight your strengths and relate them to the position.

Don’t start your sentences with “I”

Avoid starting sentences with the pronoun “I” because it is stylistically very tiring and seems unprofessional. Instead, express yourself through the activities you did. For example, instead of “I am a team player” write “I worked in a dynamic team.”

Cover letter and formatting

When it comes to the graphic layout of your resume, make sure that the font is large enough and that it must have large spacing. Do not try to cram as much information as possible onto one page in an attempt to circumvent the one-page text rule. You will only make the text difficult to read and give the impression that you do not know what you want to say about yourself, so you are just repeating everything.

Being sharp is important

When re-reading the cover letter, think about whether your sentences are too long or whether you are repeating information. Try to be sharp. The best advice is to put yourself in the role of a potential employer and try to read a motivational letter from his role. Try to think about what the employer could learn about you from your cover letter without ever meeting you.


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Author: Goran Mihelčić

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